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Official ruling: No TOOTBLAN for Jean Segura

With one inning of inspired baserunning, Jean Segura of the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday secured a spot in the TOOTBLAN Hall of Fame (Ed: Under development).

And he’s in despite one small - but important - fact: Segura didn’t TOOTBLAN.

Here’s what happened, via Sports Illustrated:

In the eighth inning of Friday night’s game between the Brewers and Cubs, Milwaukee shortstop Jean Segura led off the inning with a single, stole second, got caught in a run-down attempting to steal third, wound up on second base at the same time as Ryan Braun, retreated safely to first base, then made the final out of the inning by being thrown out attempting to steal second for the second time in the inning. 

There’s video at the link, so you can see for yourself.

Officially, we awarded poor Ryan Braun the TOOTBLAN because he made the out. You can’t be awarded a TOOTBLAN without the first “O” - which, of course, stands for “out.”

Since Segura didn’t make an out on the play, he gets no TOOTBLAN (and his subsequent caught stealing is recorded as just that - a caught stealing).

Nevertheless, Segura will be a first ballot TOOTBLAN hall of famer - and has to be considered the front runner for April TOOTBLAN of the month.

(Getty Images photo.)

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