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TOOTBLAN differentials by MLB team

From the TOOTBLAN Tracker research department …

The Pittsburgh Pirates have put up more than an early-season winning record; they also lead the league in TOOTBLAN differential, according to numbers pulled from the TOOTBLAN database.

The Pirates have committed a relatively paltry six TOOTBLANs so far while “forcing” a league-leading 16 on-base non-force outs by opponents, good for a differential of +10.

Second-place Kansas City is +8, with 10 TOOTBLANs by opponents and a mere two of their own.

The worst differential? That goes to the -7 San Francisco Giants (nine TOOTBLANs, two for opponents), followed by the Houston Astros at -6.

Here is the full Major League chart:

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