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TOOTBLAN Tracker: May 2, 2013


Abbreviated schedule … abbreviated TOOTBLANs? We shall see …

Eric Stults, San Diego Padres, top of sixth, doubled off first on line drive to second.

Adam LaRoche, Washington Nationals, top of second, out at home on fielder’s choice (open base) to pitcher.

Mitch Moreland, Texas Rangers, bottom of third, doubled off first on line drive to left.

Kyle Kendrick, Philadelphia Phillies, bottom of third, out at second taking extra base after a force out at first. Description here.

Carlos Pena, Houston Astros, bottom of seventh, out at second attempting to advance on error.

Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers, bottom of sixth, doubled off second on line out to shortstop.

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels, bottom of first, thrown out at home on single.

Matt Tuiasosopo, Detroit Tigers, top of 11th, thrown out at home on single to right. Video here.

Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles, top of fourth, out at second after over-sliding base on fielder’s choice.

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