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TOOTBLAN Tracker: May 8, 2013


Happy Ocho de Mayo!


Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds, bottom of second, thrown out at home on sacrifice fly. Video here.

Starling Marte, Pittsburgh Pirates, bottom of eighth, picked off first (and thrown out at second) by catcher.

Matt Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals, top of fifth, out rounding second on RBI single.

Julio Borbon, Chicago Cubs, bottom of seventh, out on runner interference.

Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants, bottom of fourth, out at second when he stopped running and would have been safe on a fielder’s choice that first went to first then second. gif here.

Stephen Drew, Boston Red Sox, bottom of first, out attempting to stretch RBI single to double.

Torii Hunter, Detroit Tigers, top of first, doubled off first on line out to short.

Denard Span, Washington Nationals, top of first, picked off first.

Luke Scott, Tampa Bay Rays, bottom of third, doubled off first on line out to right.

Elliot Johnson, Kansas City Royals, top of sixth, out stretching single to double.

Jean Segura, Milwaukee Brewers, bottom of third, thrown out at home on single to center.

Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays, top of seventh, out at third on fielder’s choice (open base) to short.

Aramis Ramirez, Milwaukee Brewers, bottom of sixth, out at third on runner’s fielder’s choice.

Trevor Plouffe, Minnesota Twins, top of seventh, tagged out after getting passed on basepath. Video here.

Ryan Doumit, Minnesota Twins, top of seventh, passed Plouffe on basepath after hitting single. Video here.

Jimmy Paredes, Houston Astros, bottom of eighth, out at home on fielder’s choice (open base) to pitcher.

Jason Nix, New York Yankees, top of ninth, out at third attempting to take extra base on RBI single.

Dee Gordon, Los Angeles Dodgers, bottom of fifth, picked off first.

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