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TOOTBLAN Tracker: Brewers on pace for 90


TOOTBLAN notes from Wednesday night:

The Yankees had just their second two-TOOTBLAN game of the year (and first since the first week of the season), including the second of the year from Ichiro and third from Robinson Cano.

The Brewers recorded their MLB-leading 49th TOOTBLAN of the year. They are on pace for 90 for the season (that’s a lot).

Miguel Cabrera had just his second TOOTBLAN of the year. He’s been on base 188 times.

Carlos Gomez has 10 TOOTBLANs and has been on base 119 times, while Alejandro De Aza has 10 TOOTBLANs and has been on base 118 times.

(Miggy is better.)

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