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All-Star Break TOOTBLAN Awards


There have been 1,034 TOOTBLANs (give or take a few) this season. Here are some awards to get us through the All-Star Break:

TOOTBLANiest TEAM: Milwaukee Brewers, with 50. The Brewers have committed TOOTBLANs against 15 different teams (including seven against the Cubs alone).

TOOTBLANiest PLAYER: Alejandro De Aza, with 11. De Aza, a center fielder for the White Sox, has TOOTBLAN’d at every base, has been doubled off five times and picked off three times.

De Aza’s adjusted on-base percentage is .289 - considerably lower than his .327 OBP.

TOOTLBAN OF YEAR: Jean Segura, Milwaukee Brewers. It got him automatic admission into the Hall of Fame.

See the database for all of the baserunning carnage.

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