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Final 2013 TOOTBLAN Team Leaders

Just in time for the start of Spring Training, we provide a look back at the 2013 team leaders in TOOTBLANs.

The Milwaukee Brewers more or less led wire to wire last season, recording 82 non-force outs on the base paths - six more than the second-place Astros. That works out to an average of a TOOTBLAN every other game. The Brewers also had four players with double-digit TOOTBLANs - two more than any other team. 

As you see below, the Rangers, Angels, Rockies and Pirates joined the Brewers and Astros in recording more than 70 TOOTBLANs in 2013.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Twins, Mariners, Mets, Orioles and Yankees had the fewest on-base, non-force outs last year.

In the coming weeks, we will take a look at individual teams’ base running mishaps last year, as well as league-wide trends - including which teams recorded the most outs at home, individual TOOTBLAN leaders and adjusted on-base percentage of select players.

For now, you can peruse all 1,853 TOOTBLANs (give or take a few; we may have missed some) we logged in 2013 at our searchable, sortable TOOTBLAN Tracker. Directions on how to use it are here and here.

Meanwhile, here are the team leaders:

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