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OBP And TOOTBLAN: Is There A Correlation?


It would stand to reason that teams that get on base the most will TOOTBLAN more often. More opportunities after all.

But that doesn’t always follow, as we noted with the Houston Astros - a team that amazingly ranked next to last in on-base percentage and second in TOOTBLANs. In other words, Astros got on base less often than any team other than the Marlins - and then got thrown out/picked off/doubled off/fielder’s choiced off more than any team other than the Brewers.

Not surprisingly, the Astros had the worst record in baseball last year.

But what about the rest of the teams?

We put together a chart that shows the MLB rank of each team for OBP (horizontal axis) and for TOOTBLAN (vertical axis). As you see, the Astros are on the far bottom (2nd in TOOTBLAN) right (29th in OBP) corner.

As for other teams, the top three teams in OBP - the Red Sox, Tigers and Cardinals - all rank somewhere in the middle in TOOTBLANs (15th, 19th and 17th, respectively). The Angels, which ranked fourth in on-base percentage fit right in where you might expect them at third in TOOTBLANs.

Looking at other low-OBP teams: The Marlins ranked 30th in OBP and 19th in TOOTBLAN, while the Cubs were 28th and 12th and the White Sox were 27th and ninth. The Brewers were the top TOOTBLANing team, despite an OBP rank of 21st.

In addition to the Angels, the Dodgers (9th in OBP, 7th in TOOTBLAN), Blue Jays (15th and 16th) and Yankees (23rd and 26th) fall just about where you would expect them.

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