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2013 TOOTBLAN Year In Review: Dodgers

Without calling up Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers would have been a middle-of-the-road TOOTBLANing team.

With Yasiel Puig, they were the best (worst) in the NL West and seventh in baseball.

Puig TOOTBLAN’d or was caught stealing once every 8.45 times he got on base - compared to once every 9.17 times Jose Altuve and once every 10.28 times Alejandro De Aza got on base (Altuve and De Aza were the league leaders at 16 apiece).

Below is a look at the Dodgers’ 2013 TOOTBLAN year in review. You can read the full series here - and you can see the full details of every TOOTBLAN we logged at the TOOTBLAN Database.

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