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Outs At Home: Red Sox TOOTBLANiest In 2013


The TOOTBLAN Database allows us to look at which teams – and third base coaches – ran into the most outs at home plate on a hit or would-be sacrifice fly in 2013.

The results below can tell us a bit about organizational philosophy. The Red Sox, for example, ranked 15th in TOOTBLANs overall but were No. 1 in getting thrown out at home (while also leading the league in runs scored by more than 50 runs). Meanwhile, the White Sox were second in getting thrown at home - and next to last in runs scored. Bad combination.

The Cardinals were third in baseball and first in the National League in runs scored while tying for 20th in getting thrown out at home. Third-base coach Jose Oquendo did a stellar job on sending and/or holding all but one runner – Allen Craig, who accounted for six of the seven Cardinal outs at home.

The Pirates are another interesting case. They were only thrown out at home four times (next to last in all of baseball), as third-base coach Nick Leyva kept a tight leash on runners on hits or would-be sacrifice flies.

The Pirates, however, more than made up for it by having the contact play on virtually any time a runner was on third (just a bit of hyperbole): The Pirates made a league-leading 18 outs at home on a fielder’s choice with an open base.

Below is a look at the number of baserunners each team had thrown out on a hit or would-be sacrifice fly - from most to least (with MLB runs scored rank):

1. Boston Red Sox: 15 (1st in runs scored)
2. Chicago White Sox: 14 (29th in runs scored)
3. Detroit Tigers: 13 (2nd in runs scored)
4. Los Angeles Dodgers: 12 (17th in runs scored)
4. Philadelphia Phillies: 12 (26th in runs scored)
6. Chicago Cubs: 11 (28th in runs scored)
6. Milwaukee Brewers: 11 (19th in runs scored)
6. Texas Rangers: 11 (8th in runs scored)
9. Atlanta Braves: 10 (13th in runs scored)
9. Cincinnati Reds: 10 (12th in runs scored)
9. Colorado Rockies: 10 (10th in runs scored)
9. Seattle Mariners: 10 (22nd in runs scored)
13. Arizona Diamondbacks: 9 (14 in runs scored)
13. Los Angeles Angels: 9 (7th in runs scored)
13. Minnesota Twins: 9 (25th in runs scored)
13. Oakland A’s: 9 (4th in runs scored)
17. Miami Marlins: 8 (30th in runs scored)
17. San Diego Padres: 8 (24th in runs scored)
17. Washington Nationals: 8 (15th in runs scored)
20. Baltimore Orioles: 7 (t-5th in runs scored)
20. Cleveland Indians: 7 (t-5th in runs scored)
20. St. Louis Cardinals: 7 (3rd in runs scored)
20. Tampa Bay Rays: 7 (11th in runs scored)
24. New York Yankees: 6 (16th in runs scored)
24. Toronto Blue Jays: 6 (9th in runs scored)
26. Houston Astros: 5 (26th in runs scored)
26. San Francisco Giants: 5 (21st in runs scored)
28. New York Mets: 4 (23rd in runs scored)
28. Pittsburgh Pirates: 4 (22nd in runs scored)
30. Kansas City Royals: 3 (18th in runs scored)

You can slice and dice the numbers however you like at the TOOTBLAN Database.

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