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What Is The Greatest TOOTBLAN Of The TOOTBLAN Era?

It’s Election Day!

Now is your time to vote for the greatest TOOTBLAN of the TOOTBLAN Era (that is, since we began tracking every TOOTBLAN in every MLB game).

A very strong argument could be made for the magic of Ruben Rivera, but he doesn’t meet the time requirements.

Our judges have narrowed it down to three finalists (in chronological order):

1. Jean Segura, Attempting To Steal First Base

2. Kolten Wong, World Series Pinch Run Walkoff TOOTBLAN 

3. Travis Snider and Gaby Sanchez, Double TOOTBLAN On A Walk

What is the greatest TOOTBLAN in the TOOTBLAN era?
Jean Segura, attempting to steal first
Kolten Wong, World Series pinch run walk off TOOTBLAN
Pirates, double TOOTBLAN on a walk
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  1. mexicanbaseball reblogged this from tootblan and added:
    I need to watch Segura’s a second time. That was pretty ridiculous. It may edge the Pirates.
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