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All-Star Break TOOTBLAN Awards


There have been 1,034 TOOTBLANs (give or take a few) this season. Here are some awards to get us through the All-Star Break:

TOOTBLANiest TEAM: Milwaukee Brewers, with 50. The Brewers have committed TOOTBLANs against 15 different teams (including seven against the Cubs alone).

TOOTBLANiest PLAYER: Alejandro De Aza, with 11. De Aza, a center fielder for the White Sox, has TOOTBLAN’d at every base, has been doubled off five times and picked off three times.

De Aza’s adjusted on-base percentage is .289 - considerably lower than his .327 OBP.

TOOTLBAN OF YEAR: Jean Segura, Milwaukee Brewers. It got him automatic admission into the Hall of Fame.

See the database for all of the baserunning carnage.

TOOTBLAN Tracker: Brewers on pace for 90


TOOTBLAN notes from Wednesday night:

The Yankees had just their second two-TOOTBLAN game of the year (and first since the first week of the season), including the second of the year from Ichiro and third from Robinson Cano.

The Brewers recorded their MLB-leading 49th TOOTBLAN of the year. They are on pace for 90 for the season (that’s a lot).

Miguel Cabrera had just his second TOOTBLAN of the year. He’s been on base 188 times.

Carlos Gomez has 10 TOOTBLANs and has been on base 119 times, while Alejandro De Aza has 10 TOOTBLANs and has been on base 118 times.

(Miggy is better.)

TOOTBLAN Tracker: Midseason Report

Three months of baseball in the books, and here is what has happened on the basepaths so far this season:

9 TOOTBLANs by Carlos Gomez (above) of the Milwaukee Brewers, more than any other MLBer.

898 TOOTBLANs (give or take a few).

347 TOOTBLANs when runners sought an extra base.

172 runners doubled off for TOOTBLANs.

145 fielder’s choice TOOTBLANs with an open base.

161 runners picked off for TOOTBLANs.

9 batter’s called out for interference

14 out on runner’s fielder’s choice (usually seeking to advance on passed ball).

41 TOOTBLANs “forced” by the Astros, more than any other team.

41 TOOTBLANs committed by the Astros, more than any other team.

9 TOOTBLANs at third base for the first or third out of the inning by the Astros.

17 TOOTBLANs each by the Yankees and Mets, fewer than any other team.

263 TOOTBLANs at first base.

252 TOOTBLANs at second base.

156 TOOTBLANs at third base.

227 TOOTBLANs at home.

TOOTBLAN Tracker: June 27, 2013


There weren’t many games Thursday, but some weird things happened on the basepaths, including:

  • David Murphy of the Rangers getting tagged out at second on a walk. Yes, this happened.
  • Gerardo Parra of the Diamondbacks getting thrown out advancing on a passed ball and later getting called out for batter interference.
  • Adam Jones called out at second for leaving the basepaths (above).
  • The Rockies recording three TOOTBLANs in the game - for a total of 34 on the year.

You can see all the details at the TOOTBLAN Database.

TOOTBLAN Tracker: June 26, 2013

There were 10 TOOTBLANs in the Major Leagues, last night, including this big one from Rickie Weeks (gif courtesy of cubbiegifs):

Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers (3rd of year); Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs (6th); Eric Sogard, Oakland Athletics (6th); Stephen Drew, Boston Red Sox (5th); Alberto Callaspo, Los Angeles Angels (3rd); Alcides Escobar, Kansas City Royals (3rd); Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves (2nd); Adrian Gonzalez, Los Angeles Dodgers (4th); Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers (4th); and Ben Revere, Philadelphia Phillies (3rd).

See the full details in the TOOTBLAN Database.

TOOTBLAN Tracker: June 25, 2013


Beginning tonight, we will update this post with the completion of each game. Enjoy.

Mark Reynolds, Cleveland Indians, top of second, out at home on fielder’s choice (open base) to third. (4)

Jason Kipnis, Cleveland Indians, top of eighth, doubled off first on line out to first. (5)

Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals, bottom of seventh, thrown out at home on single. (2)

Welington Castillo, Chicago Cubs, top of fourth, out at third on fielder’s choice (open base) to short. (3)

Logan Schafer, Milwaukee Brewers, bottom of second, picked off first. (2)

Norichika Aoki, Milwaukee Brewers, bottom of third, picked off first. (7)

Norichika Aoki, Milwaukee Brewers, bottom of seventh, out at home on fielder’s choice (open base) to pitcher. (8)